Case Study: Stella Sport SS 17 Campaign
Look Development & Post Production by Studio Private


For Adidas and their collaboration with Stella McCartney we worked closely with the brands and Made Thought to help create a ‘movement effects place’ basis on which our athletes could interact with their environment.

The spring summer 17 would be a futuristic Los Angeles in the heat of summer… where a cartoonish technicolour that would be used across neon basketball courts and CGI-bubble like stepping stones up in the LA hills would add bounce to the rock-runners steps. The spirit was of one-on-one and would be highlighted through unexpected dynamic and hyper-real moments that make you question ‘where’ and ‘when’ this is.

Studio Private were involved in many steps along the way providing look development for film and stills, VFX, CGI, colour grading, retouching, film editing and on set supervision.
In pre production we helped explore idea viability with the client as well as how to get the most out of the budget considering the ambition spanning both motion and stills, while on set we needed to 3D scan and lighting capture the shoot locations, match moving shots accurately with the actual camera for our CG integration in post and provide post production consultation so that no stone was left unturned.

With the project being across stills and film it was important to get the beauty retouching and colour grading consistent as well as thoroughly develop materials and textures that would give a concise and believable vision to our future LA.

We set about replacing real-world elements with CG such as the lines to a basketball court and it’s bleachers with enhanced neons, the basketball itself with a metallic glow and reflection in a process of manually animating CG objects to match the footage as well as mountain rocks with hyper-real soft spots in a future air-filled rubber balloons.