Case Study: Antidote Magazine - The Digital Issue
Photographed by Daniel Sannwald

Daniel Sannwald is a long time collaborator of Studio Private and has helped define and develop our more innovative side of the business to balance with our fashion, beauty and editorial background,.. so when asked to help for his take-over issue of Antidote Magazine we relished the challenge.

This was always going to be management heavy simply due to the mixture of techniques and treatments spanning literally 100’s of images and making sure absolutely nothing slipped through the cracks, but it was also always going to be an image making showcase for where we can go in realising Daniels vision(s), a celebration of his work and style, but also (at least for us) it would be a celebration of what we are able to achieve with him, where we could take the visual stories spanning fashion-editorial, hyper-real CGI, CCTV-inspired imagery, etc. yet retain our own visual stamp.

We took the project in from shoot and organised what needed outsourcing and art direction before we would put our spin on the image or story in post, along side what we’d be covering start to finish in house.

The start to finish processes we undertook where a mixture of re-appropriating techniques we’d used on previous jobs for Daniel, - but with a new spin… and coming up with fresh ideas needing treatment prototyping that complimented the concept or photographic direction for each story.

With the work that had to come back from outside we made further or final creative tweaks and quality control, retouching, colour, combining our own CG renders with the base shots etc. or taking what had been done on a stage in development, clean up, finishing and proofing before delivery.